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ATG's Faculty Workshop: Introduction to Macromedia Dreamweaver

Date: Monday, Nov. 16, 1998
Time : 3-5 p.m.
Location : ZSR Library Room 204
To Register : ATG's Online Registration
Experience with Netscape Editor/Composer or other web editors preferred.

What is Macromedia Dreamweaver?
Macromedia Dreamweaver has been reviewed as the visual tool of choice for professional web site design. It is a more sophisticated web editing tool than the Netscape Editor/Composer and Microsoft Word. This workshop is an introduction to Dreamweaver.

What Will be Covered in the Workshop...

  • Basic features (hands-on)
    • Text formatting
    • Create links
    • Insert images
    • Create & edit tables
    • Roundtrip HTML™

  • Demonstration of Advanced features
    • Frames
    • Imagemaps
    • Link verification
    • Rollovers
    • Layers
    • Dynamic HTML
    • Knowledge Objects in Dreamweaver Attain

We encourage you to install the 90-day trial version of Dreamweaver from the WFU Software Installation Menu before coming to the workshop. For the detailed installation instructions, please visit ATG's Technotes web pages.