Advanced Technology Group -
  Interactive Multimedia Authoring Group & Emerging Technology Center
  at Wake Forest University

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What is ATG? & The ideas of ATG

ATG was a project idea proposed by us (Yue-Ling and Yip) who are the academic computing specialists for the chemistry and physics departments. We felt that there were interests on campus in interactive instructional multimedia project development. We also felt that there was a need for evluation of the emerging technology potential for instructional purposes.

There are two main functions of ATG:

  1. Interactive Multimedia Authoring: In collaboration with faculty to develop instructional multimedia projects related to computer-enhanced learning.
  2. Emerging Technology Evaluation : Identify and evaluate emerging hardware, software, tools and techniques that have potential applications in teaching.

Through seminars and meetings with interested faculty, ATG communicates to faculty interesting ideas and possible instructional applications of new technology.

For more information about ATG's Tick-Tech-Talk seminars, or to register for any of the sessions, please fill out and submit the online form on the ATG's Seminars web pages. Or, you can contact us directly (, or, x4717).

We would like to hear your ideas, whether they are rough or specific ideas, and to discuss with you a plan to develop your ideas and inspirations. We could also collaborate with you developing computer-based materials that you can use in your classes.



We are located in Room 225 of the Reynolda Hall.



Yue-Ling Wong, Director
(336) 758-4717

Ching-Wan Yip, Director
(336) 758-4985


Reynolda Hall 225
Wake Forest University
Winston-Salem, NC 27109