Advanced Technology Group -
  Interactive Multimedia Authoring Group & Emerging Technology Center
  at Wake Forest University

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What is ATG?

ATG (Advanced Technology Group) was a project idea proposed by us (Yue-Ling and Yip) who are the academic computing specialists for the chemistry and physics departments. We felt that there were interests on campus in interactive instructional multimedia project development. We also felt that there was a need for evaluation of the emerging technologies that have potential for instructional purposes. ATG started in Fall 1998. This is the pilot year.

We have started collaborating with faculty on the development of several instructional projects. You will find a list of our projects (current on-going projects, finished projects, and prototyped projects) on the Projects page.

ATG is also offering seminars, Tick-Tech-Talks. They are open to all Wake Forest faculty members. The seminar schedule, the registration information, and the online registration form can be found on our Seminars page.