HDV editing - Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5.1 HDV plug-in


Download the HDV Plug-in from Adobe for Adobe Premiere 1.5, which updates the program to 1.5.1.

It supports



Project settings

New Project settings become available.


The familar capture window has a new device control device - HDV Device Control

There is no extra Options in the HDV Device Control.

It will just give you a link to upgrade to Aspect HD v3.2 ( $499.00 as of 2005/08/15)


There is no preview on the monitor, use the LCD on the camera.

You can forget about doing it on the laptop. Even with the Sonoma based Pentium M 740 (1.73 GHz) with 5400 rpm HDD, it will only get about 1/4 of the data, usually you get some corrupted frames. There is no report of drop frames like in DV. You can tell from the Capture duration, instead of 1:1 realtime, it will show something like 10 seconds when the tape has been running for 30 seconds.

When the capture is done, you will get a Transcoding dialog box when the video is being converted to CineForm Intermediate AVI.

Notes that the log in/out and batch capture is not necessary frame accurate. If you try to get exactly 1;00;02, you may get a few more frames. (I think it has to do with GOP of the MPEG-2 stream).

These files are huge. It is about 700MB per minutes. You want to limit to about 6 minutes segments if you want to back them up to single layer recordable DVDs.

If you play back the AVI, they would show as 1440x1080 16:9 anamorphic 1.33.


When you are outputing to WMV, couple of settings need to be considered.

The default for 1080 60i's audio is Audio 9.1 Professional with 5.1 channel. If you are doing a stereo project, you need to change that to Audio 9.1 stereo since upmixing is not allowed.

The default pixel aspect ratio is 4:3 (1.33) for 1440x1080 anamorphic HDV, you want to change that to square 1920x1080 otherwise the video would look squashed.

Alternatively, you can use the 1080i 60i anamorphic setting, that create a 1440x1080 video that has the correct aspect ration too.