Professor Gordon McCray's Cybershow example 1:

If you don't have the Real G2 player installed but would like to see how it works first, click here to see a ScreenCam (~5MB) showing how the Real G2 player works.

Creating a G2 Streaming slideshow with synchronized audio, step-by-step:

  1. Preparing the slides:
  2. Preparing the audio:
  3. Preparing the smil file:
    The smil file is a text file, like an html file. It defines the audio and slide synchronization. Click here to see the .smil file (as a text file) for the Cybershow example above.
  4. Finally... You can create a link on a web page to link to this .smil file. When people click on the link, if they have G2 player installed, it will asked them if they want to open or save it. Either way, they will be able to play your streaming slideshow. Alternatively, they can also run the G2 player directly without going through Netscape, and enter the URL for this .smil.

Note: Why are the slide graphics and the .smil file on the www-home while the .rm file on the \\acad1?
The .rm file has to be on \\acad1 because \\acad1 is running the G2 server but the www-home is not. So, only \\acad1 can stream the .rm RealAudio. Technically, you can put all the slides and the .smil file to the \\acad1, too. However, \\acad1 does not have as much space as the \\acfiles, where your www-home locates. It is also that currently \\acad1 has been serving for the departmental files rather than personal course materials.