CrossPad Firmware Update

  1. install Ink Manager 1.5 from \\acad1\physics\pub\crosspad

  2. install Notepad Updater from c:\program files\ibm\ink manager\tools\Notepad Updater
  3. After the setup, Notepad updater icon will show up in your start menu
  4. run the setup program
  5. change to the correct COM port, it is usually 2 on the ThinkPad
  6. click download Firmware
  7. Click OK to continue
  8. select the directory where ink manager is and choose the 1.5 firmware
  9. Instruction follows
  10. If it fails, usually is disabled COM port, wrong COM speed, COM port used by something else, you will get this error
  11. Otherwise, you will get a progress dialog box, it takes couple of minutes to flash the ROM
  12. If all goes well, the CrossPad will "reboot" and you are done and greeted with this. updated : 99/01/27